How to Get the Most Out of a Smudge Stick Tattoo

If you’re searching for an alternative to machine-done tattoos, stick-and-pokes are a great choice. They usually have a punk/DIY aesthetic. They can range from simple dots to complex designs.

Make a temporary smudge stick tattoo at home using water slide paper. These papers have an adhesive on one side and ink printed on the other. This allows for easy customization.

1. Buy water slide paper.

Water slide decal paper is a type. It transfers images to any surface. Personalise mugs and other objects with it. It also lets you design unique goods.

Waterslide paper is white or clear. The explicit version is transparent. Your printed image will merge into any surface.

It’s perfect for light-colored surfaces like mugs, glass, and candles. Canvas and candles work well too. It also improves fingernails and wood!

Easy to use and dishwasher safe. The dish rack can even be decorated for the holidays and given as gifts!

2. Design your tattoo.

Smudge stick tattoos look best when the design matches your skin colour and size. Design should match skin colour and size. With skin-friendly ingredients.

Tattoo design has many methods. Photoshop or another image editor is a good start. You may also sketch it with pen and paper. Digital rendering streamlines the process.

Print your design on water slide paper, which is adhesive on one side, for the best smudge stick tattoo. Craft stores and internet retailers sell water slide paper. Smudge stick Tattoo require multiple sheets. Waterslide paper is great for home printing because it’s colourful and shaped.

3. Apply the Tattoo.

Smudging is an ancient practice practiced by indigenous cultures worldwide. It is used to purify your environment. Whether you want to bring positive energy into your life or keep away evil spirits, try it! See what works for you!

Smudge stick Tattoos aren’t hard to apply. Results are almost instantaneous! Cover the ink-side with a damp cloth or paper towel. This lets the adhesive transfer from paper to skin.

Use hairspray to seal your design. This prevents smudge sticks from irreversibly peeling skin. It comes in numerous colours so you can match your skin tone. Clear nail polish is particularly elegant!

4. Wash it off.

After your smudge stick Tattoo has been applied, it is imperative to thoroughly wash it away. Simply place the ink-side down on your skin and cover it with a damp cloth or paper towel. This will allow the adhesive to slide from the paper onto the skin.

Additionally, it helps the tattoo heal faster. During this initial wash, you’ll want to eliminate all blood, excess ink, and plasma from the washed area. Plasma is the clear gooey liquid that seeps out during healing.

Next, use a gentle antibacterial soap to thoroughly wash the area. Repeat this three times daily for one week.

Once you’ve cleansed it, pat dry the skin and apply moisturizer to keep it feeling soft. Ensure your moisturizer is fragrance and alcohol-free, as these can dry or irritate the skin.

Once the tattoo has completely dried, gently peel it away with a paper towel or let it air dry. However, ensure not to touch the skin as this could lead to an infection.

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