Snake Collarbone Tattoos

Snakes are a widely-used symbol for collarbone tattoos.  They symbolize power, fertility, and rebirth, all with powerful spiritual meanings.

Before getting one of these intricate Tattoos, assess your pain tolerance.  But don’t let that stop you from making a bold statement with your next ink!

Twin Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Snake collarbone tattoos are striking and unique designs that turn heads.  They may symbolize various things, such as protection, wisdom, fertility, and rebirth.

The twin snake collarbone tattoo is a striking design that features two snakes coiled around the collarbone.  Men often opt for this tattoo to show their unique style and character.

This Tattoo also includes a crescent moon design between the two snakes.   Adding to its meaning and making it even more eye-catching.  The artist has done an outstanding job with the details by adding black and grey shading.

This twin snake collarbone tattoo is an eye-catching design that will turn heads.  Consult your Tattoo artist about the size and placement before getting inked.

Tree Bark Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Snake collarbone tattoos are an excellent choice for anyone wanting a distinctive design.  They come in subtlety, sultriness, edginess, or elegance.

Snake collarbone Tattoos are often associated with power, fertility, and rebirth.  However, they can symbolize wisdom, guidance, or protection.

Another impressive aspect of this tattoo is the tree bark effect around the snake.  It gives the illusion that it’s wrapped around a tree.  It has an incredibly realistic design with superb details.

This tattoo stands out due to its expert linework.  The thin black lines depicting the snake’s scales are remarkably accurate and consistent.   The shading adds another level of life to the design.

Realistic Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Snakes have long been associated with fertility, wisdom, and transformation in cultures worldwide.  Unfortunately, their evil nature makes them dangerous animals if not handled carefully.

Snake collarbone tattoos are an excellent way to symbolize these qualities.  They’re compatible with traditional American tattoo styles and can be paired with daggers, roses, and flowers.  Or other animal symbols for a more daring aesthetic.

This realistic snake collarbone tattoo depicts a miniature version of the venomous creature in bold black ink.  The design includes intricate strokes and cows to give it a 3D effect.

This minimal tattoo features a dot-work style on the top for a playful and fun vibe.  Fine line work on the bottom creates a more complex and precise appearance.  Furthermore, geometric shapes on the head of the snake add an artistic flair.


Snake Collarbone Tattoo With Shading

If you’re searching for an eye-catching tattoo, consider getting a snake collarbone tattoo.  This popular type of body art has numerous meanings for its wearers.

Snakes have long been associated with the moon’s waxing and waning phases.  A snake wrapped around your collarbone may symbolize rebirth or evolution.

Sometimes, a snake may wrap itself around the crescent moon to add further symbolism.  This tattoo could represent unification and infinity.

Venomous cobras and coral snakes are two snake types renowned for their distinctive appearance.  They can be found in Asia and the Americas, often serving as warning signs of potential danger.

An alternative design choice is a snake skeleton tattoo.  This more intricate tattoo requires precision and skill.  It’s best to hire an artist specializing in anatomical patterns.

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