The Svefnthorn Tattoo – A Viking Symbol

The Svefnthorn, or sleep thorn, is a Nordic rune featured in many Norse myths. It induced enemies into a deep sleep. It brought them peace.

In The Saga of the Volsungs, Odin put Brynhildr into a deep sleep. She could not wake until she crossed a flame. Queen Olof also “stirred” King Helgi with the thorn. She then “stirred” King Helgi with the thorn to render him unconscious.


The svefnthorn tattoo, also known as the sleep horn, is a tattoo of the svefnthorn. It is a prominent icon from Norse mythology. It can be found in numerous Norse sagas and tales.

It is believed to induce sleep in enemies and leave them vulnerable. This can potentially lead to victory for your adversary. It is often depicted as a row of four harpoons. It can be shown in various ways.

In The Saga of the Volsungs, Odin uses this symbol to put Valkyrie Brunhild into a deep sleep. She cannot awake until Sigurd comes to her aid. Queen Olof used it on King Helgi in The Saga of King Hrolf Kraka. Vilhjalmr drove a svefnthorn into Hrolf’s head in Gongu-Hrolf’s Saga. He didn’t wake up until a horse rolled him around and the thorn fell out.

Vikings who were always busy needed rest and recharge before their next day’s tasks. Additionally, wearing a svefnthorn tattoo may help if you struggle with insomnia at night.


It is a Viking symbol in many Scandinavian sagas and myths. It put opponents into a deep sleep so they would not wake up easily.

Svefnthorn appears in the Volsungs’ Saga, King Hrolf Kraki’s Saga, and Gongu-Saga. Hrolf’s Svefnthorn’s Volsung Saga. Odin uses it to put Valkyrie Brynhildr to sleep in The Volsungs. She slept. Sigurd passes Odin’s fire circle around her corpse. Sigurd seeks the fire circle.

In The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki, Queen Olof stung King Helgi with the Svefnthorn. He fell into a deep sleep that did not end until Queen Olof woke him up. Vilhjalmr drives Svefnthorn into Hrolf, but does not wake him until midnight.


The svefnthorn is a beloved symbol in Nordic folklore. The amulet was believed to be powerful and protective.

Svefnthorn is mentioned in Scandinavian sagas and folk magic. Opponents would wake up when Svefnthorn removed.

Svefnthorn is mentioned in Scandinavian sagas and folk magic. This was because Svefnthorn could cause someone to drift into a deep slumber and remain unconscious until its removal.

“Sleep thorn” Svefnthorns are carved near bedposts to protect sleepers. Many still use this to get through tough nights.


Viking svefnthorns had several meanings. Sleeping opponents was the most common use. This classic symbol can add Norse flair to your style with a Tattoo. It’s customizable.

Svefnthorn-inspired design evokes honorary Viking lordship. The design evokes Viking honor with svefnthorn. The correct artist and style make a memorable piece.

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