Cool Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Tattoo lovers have plenty of cool designs to choose.  From simple lines to good artwork, you can find a design that complements your aesthetic.

Tattoos are an excellent way to showcase your style.  You share the world about your zodiac sign or commemorate a special event.  Find some ideas for Tattoo designs that will fit perfectly.

Twin Dolphins

Dolphins make for popular tattoo designs.  Because of their deep connection with the sea.  And renowned for their intelligence, kindness, and playful nature.  Dolphins symbolize strong family ties.  Also an affinity for water activities.

They often symbolize freedom, the desire for change and innocence.  This makes them an ideal symbol for those feeling stuck in their lives.

A twin dolphins tattoo design is an expressive way to show your partner.  You can include arrows, and their names in the design for added visual interest.

This design can be inked on your leg or wrist.  For a more eye-catching effect, opt for larger sizes.

Your Tattoo design can also include a sun.  This way you can express your joy and renewal.  Any color works great here.  Blue is recommended as the predominant hue.

Another great idea for this Tattoo is to add a circle behind the dolphins, symbolizing yin and yang.  This also makes the dolphins appear more intricate.  So you can add colors to make them stand out.

Dolphins can be symbolic of positive values such as playfulness and kindness.  Also, dolphins have transcendence, intelligence, generosity, and power depending on one’s culture.  These qualities are essential for leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Dolphins are believed to possess superhuman intuition.  This superpower allows them to communicate telepathically with their peers.  This trait is invaluable for humans to form emotional connections.


Wanderlust is an intense inner drive to travel and discover the world.  Often sparked by stunning photographs of captivating stories about other cultures.

For the wanderlust-filled individual, getting a tattoo design inspired by your passion for travel is  to show off your enthusiasm.  Choose from various designs such as maps, compasses, and symbols that reflect your love of exploring.

Some people appreciate minimalist designs that showcase their passion for travel.  Others favor more tangible symbols like globes or maps depicting specific areas where they have visited.

Another popular Tattoo design is a suitcase.  Symbolizing one’s ability to travel anywhere in the world.  A suitcase may also represent someone’s family history of adventure.  Or represent their ability to pack up and go anywhere.

A compass is another popular design choice.  Representing the power to navigate the world.  It can be paired with other travel-related items like airplane or train tickets.

Finally, the Brazil van is a timeless design found on many tourists’ tattoos.  It reminds you of your many adventures while giving you hope for the future.

These wanderlust Tattoos will surely spark your next adventure.  Get one inked at a local tattoo shop.  Or have it drawn by an artist close to home for a personal touch.  The cost of getting a wanderlust tattoo varies based on its complexity and location.

Lost Ship

The lost ship tattoo design is a timeless design.  This symbolizes loss, tragedy or an affinity for the sea.  It can also serve as a reminder, honor, and dedication to the power.

Seaside body art is a popular option for those who appreciate the sea.  Or drawn to marine-inspired body art.  Designs can range from minimalistic to highly detailed and realistic.  Often featuring shipwrecks, distressed flags, or seaweed details.

Pirate ships are another popular marine-inspired tattoo design.  That can symbolize someone with an adventurous spirit for the sea.  Additionally, it may serve as a symbolic reminder to honor loved ones who have perished at sea.

Pirates have been notorious for pillaging and attacking ships since 1400 BC when the first vessels were created.  While these criminal acts are now widely considered illegal.  People still find the pirate ship to be a versatile and unique tattoo symbol.

For military personnel, a ship’s symbolism can also be represented through tattoos.  It symbolizes direction and the strength to persevere despite any difficulties that may arise.

Sailors used to sport various tattoos that symbolized their life at sea.  It was an expression of loyalty and devotion towards the work.

For sailors, a tattoo depicting a pirate ship with drawn-out swords and waves was an emblem of their high courage.  This signifies they are willing to face anything life throws their way, including waves and rough seas.

Circle Tattoo

Circles are the most liked tattoo design.  They can convey various messages.  And be tailored to fit your requirements.  Select a design that reflects your values and beliefs.

If you want to express your devotion to God.  The circle is an ideal design choice.  Its simplistic shape and meaningful symbolism.  It is an iconic geometric shape.  This represents perfection and wholeness.

One popular tattoo style that incorporates circles is a solar system.  This design may include images of the sun.

If you are fascinated by extraterrestrial life, this is an ideal gift.  Showing respect to our universe.  And its vast power can be naa wonderful way to show how much you value it.

Circle Tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on your body.  But are especially popular on the back.  This area provides plenty of room to work with.  And can easily be altered or added onto as your needs evolve.

Circles can be an ideal choice for those who appreciate life’s various stages.  By getting a circular tattoo, they can show their appreciation of all these milestones in life.


Feathers are a widely beloved tattoo design among men and women.  These serve to symbolize your admiration of nature and its beauty.

Feather tattoos offer a special message and can be tailored to fit your personality.  They come in an array of styles and colors.

Colorful feathers are a popular choice due to their bold, eye-catching style.  They tend to fade faster than black ink.  Choose the area that won’t get much sun exposure.

A feather on the side of your ribs is an iconic design.  Adding one to your arm can be an eye-catching display of strength and courage.

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