Popular Tattoo Symbols and Meanings

Tattoos have been used for thousands of years for personal expression.  Tattoos have been utilized across cultures, from protective amulets to status symbols.

No matter the purpose of getting a tattoo.  It’s essential to consider its meaning.  Some of the most popular designs have positive messages.  That can serve as motivation and inspiration throughout life.

Infinity symbol

Infinity is a widely popular symbol that conveys various messages.  It symbolizes limitlessness.

The infinity symbol can be included in any tattoo design.  Many people use this symbol to symbolize their love.

Incorporate an infinity symbol into a tattoo is by creating it as part of an overall design.  You can incorporate other images, such as hearts or snakes.

If you are getting an infinity symbol tattoo but don’t want it to be the main focus.  This design is perfect!  Add some birds and stars for added dimension.  Adding just the right touch that will bring out all of your design elements!


Jesus symbolizes religion.  It is interpretation can vary among believers of various faiths.

Jesus Tattoo meaning is to show kindness towards others.  The Bible states that Jesus was “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”   Providing us with a great motivation to live our lives with kindness and affection.

John states in Revelation 19:16.  Jesus bears on his robe and thigh a title written “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”  Which some people interpret as evidence for having a Tattoo.  This could also be interpreted figuratively.


The wolf is an iconic and powerful mythical creature.  That has inspired generations of people throughout history.  In Native American cultures, it is a totem animal representing strength and wisdom.

A wolf tattoo can symbolize many things from love of the wild to independence.  It also serves as a powerful reminder.  Wolves are social animals who form packs and show fierce loyalty.

They boast large stomachs that can store up to 20 pounds of food.  Making them the ideal hunter for many species.  These adept scavengers can take in prey as small as hares.

The wolf is a fierce and protective animal.  That makes for great Tattoo art.  The wolf makes an excellent option for those seeking a design with their individual style.  Select the correct design to maximize impact.

Butterfly Pixie

The Butterfly Pixie Tattoo design is a striking symbol of nature.  These dark pixies have their roots in Celtic culture.

The Butterfly Pixie stands for freedom and youth.  This design will be an excellent choice for women.

More options available to choose butterfly tattoo.  Whether you prefer something minimalistic or intricate.


The rose is an iconic symbol of love.  So many colors and styles available in rose tattoo.  This will perfectly express your unique aesthetic.

A rose can also show your inner beauty.  A red rose typically signifies love.  While a black rose often connotes loss or mourning.

Pink roses symbolize femininity and elegance.  But they can also signify tender, caring love.  A breast cancer ribbon can be paired with a pink rose.  As a tribute to those dear to you who have bravely battled this illness.

A rose and compass make an ideal combination for guidance and direction in life.  A compass is often associated with time and movement, helping you navigate in an uncertain world.  A rose symbolizes loyalty and devotion.  Thus pairing it with a compass will ensure that you stay true to yourself.

Eagles are a powerful bird symbol representing strength, courage, wisdom and healing.

This bird is believed to carry messages from past souls.  Making it a popular symbol for those who have lost loved ones and need to reconnect with them.  Many people associate the bird with freedom and independence.

A bald eagle is the national bird of America.  Making an eagle tattoo is an excellent way to show patriotism and celebrate your country’s love.  It can be a great tattoo choice for those wanting to display strength and determination.

When selecting an eagle tattoo design, there are many meanings to consider.  Popular examples of eagle Tattoos include:


The Phoenix is a beloved tattoo symbol.  It symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Often chosen by those seeking inspiration during trying times.

The phoenix is an incredibly resilient animal that can survive even the toughest circumstances.

Various meanings available to choose from phoenix.  You could get one with just the flame or symbolizing rebirth.

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