Top 5 Temporary Tattoos in Los Angeles This Weekend

Tattoo enthusiasts looking to test the waters without making a permanent commitment can turn to temporary tattoos. They can be used for fun and stylish designs. Airbrushed designs, glitter, flash tats, and mica powder make trendy party favors, costumes, and dress-up! For fun or permanent tattoo testing!

EA Play

EA Play is a subscription service from Electronic Arts. It grants gamers access to an expansive library of games. Plus, it has several attractive benefits. Like exclusive 10-hour trials for new releases and discounts on games you keep.

EA Play’s most impressive feature is its ever-expanding library of free titles. This includes major EA franchises like Battlefield, FIFA, and Need for Speed. As well as more miniature indie games that are included too.

EA Play can serve as a beta test for upcoming titles before they’re released. This means you can try Battlefield or FIFA during its 10-hour trial period. You can see if it’s worth the $60 price tag. Plus, any progress and achievements earned while playing are saved on your account. So you can continue playing anytime. With prices starting from just $5 a month, EA Play is worth considering! For your gaming needs!

BET Experience

BET Experience is a four-day extravaganza in Los Angeles’s convention center. It features live concerts. Celebrity meets and greets and, of course, temporary Tattoo. Last year’s event proved popular. It is expected to draw tens of thousands to its attractions this weekend.

BET Experience is known for its many free concerts in one place. This is made possible through its partnership with AEG. This annual celebration for the network features an impressive line-up that includes stars like Erykah Badu and J.K. Rowling. Other stars include Snoop Dogg and J. Cole, as well as many other top talents. For years, The BET Experience has been a must-see on Los Angeles’ entertainment calendar. Giving fans a rare chance to see top-tier talent live!

Wonder Park

Wonder Park is an engaging animated film. It delicately balances cutesy adventure with something more profound. It introduces heavier themes that may be too much for some children. Yet it cleverly navigates a range of emotions while emphasizing the significance of curiosity and perseverance.

Dreamy June (Brianna Denski) and her mother, Jenny Garner, create a world called Wonder Park in their imaginations. The park is complete with animal mascots. But when June’s mother gets sick and leaves the park behind, June is left to manage it alone.

Now that June has returned to the real world, she discovers something has gone wrong at Wonder Park. Luckily, June has some help from her animal friends. As they join forces to save their beloved amusement park from being overrun by evil Chimpanzombies. The park is a slum of a park that was once a slum of a slum, but now it is overrun by evil Chimpanzombies. This movie will appeal to families with children of all ages.

Ru Paul’s Drag Con

RuPaul’s Drag Con has been bringing fans of the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” show together in New York and Los Angeles since 2015. The show has been bringing fans of the show together since 2015. With an annual event in each city, you can meet your favorite queens and watch them perform live.

DragCon offers a safe space for people from all backgrounds to celebrate this culture. The event offers panel discussions, screenings, and exhibitions. In an increasingly misunderstood world, DragCon is an outlet for those interested in queer identity and drag art forms.

I saw a woman dressed in checkerboard, another in a metro card dress. One queen dressed as Vanessa Mateo from Drag Race season 10!

At the convention, the series’ stars took time to sign autographs. They also took photos with fans. Additionally, a wide variety of vendors and exhibitors represented various aspects of LGBTQ life. The event was a celebration of LGBTQ life.

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