The Killers Tattoo Ideas You Can’t Get Enough Of Tattoo

If you’re a true-crime enthusiast who enjoys getting tattooed, there is no shortage of killers to draw inspiration from.  Whether it’s a portrait of your favorite serial killer or an iconic gang member, these dark figures prove that murder will always remain in our hearts.

Britnee Chamberlain, a fan of serial killers, has no qualms about showing off her tattoo of the Milwaukee Cannibal even after it has been condemned on social media.  Here’s why she doesn’t regret it and what kind of artwork she wants from horror-inspired art forms in the future!

Frankenstein and his Bride

Frankenstein and His Bride were groundbreaking in exploring class, sexual politics, and LGBTQ+ identity.  Even today, it remains fresh and engaging, with many great interpretations of the film.

The Bride is an enchantingly beautiful and strong female character in the movie.  She stands tall and slender, with hair falling to its ends with white streaks.

Her eyes are vast, and her mouth is slightly curved.  Bandages cover her body as a reminder of the reanimation process she underwent.

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys, a group of misfit young boys who make their way to Neverland, are often considered the small heroes of Peter Pan.  Unlike most characters in the story, they don’t have parents to support them along the way and must navigate adulthood on their own.  Yet somehow, they never forget the magic that brought them there and becomes even better versions of themselves.

Fans of The Lost Boys can have their tribute to these magical creatures beautifully rendered by an experienced artist in Tyler, TX.  And what’s even better is sharing it with someone special.  The Lost Boys Tattoo gift card or certificate can be sent to their home.     It’s an ideal way to thank them for their hard work by simultaneously giving them something practical yet stylish!  You’re guaranteed a pleasantly surprising gesture that they will remember!

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is a character from Tim Burton’s iconic animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  He is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and the main protagonist throughout the story.

Jack Skellington’s tattoo designs are an excellent way to show your devotion to the movie.  You showcase his iconic skeletal outfit or his face in your design.

Jack Skellington’s Tattoos often feature his iconic skeletal outfit and twisted, spooky face.  They make for a great Halloween Tattoo design that stands out.

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