Triangle Tattoo Meaning?

The triangle tattoo is a popular choice in tattoo meaning.  The triangle shape makes for an eye-catching design that offers plenty of symbolism.

The triangle is an emblematic symbol for Christians. And signifying the Holy Triad of Spirit.


Tattoo designs often incorporate triangles as symbols, representing the family. In Christianity, three points are also believed to represent the holy trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In addition to being a symbol of Christianity, the triangle has long been associated with many philosophies and religions. In ancient times, it was seen as an emblem of power and strength.

This symbol was an essential element of culture. Most civilizations were highly patriarchal, necessitating men to be the dominant sexual agent. When depicted upwards, the triangle symbol signifies maleness with phallic connotations.

When shown upside down, the triangle became associated with femininity. This was because most cultures still held patriarchy as sacred and women to stay home and serve men. The chalice, a female version of the triangle. This was seen as representing life and fertility.

The three sides of a triangle were often thought to symbolize past, present and future. For many people, this symbol served as a powerful reminder of everything in life.

Another popular use of the triangle is in talismanic symbols. This shape symbolizes spiritual power and encourages us to live in the moment.

Tattooing a triangle as a representation of love can be done. The three points can be represented by either an heart, rose or flower. Flower petals entwined to create an aesthetic that exudes femininity and sweetness.

Another use of the triangle is in tattoos that draw inspiration from rainbows. A natural phenomenon we encounter everyday. This can be done by infusing some of its lines with some of those found in a triangle tattoo.  Or connecting one end of the rainbow to another one of its lines.


Triangle Tattoos are one of the most captivating and unique body art designs.  It can represent a range of meanings to the right individual. When selecting your design and style for this unique motif, take into consideration what you would like it to symbolize for you.

The most popular placement for Tattoo is on the forearm. But you can also get a triangle tattoo on your chest. This popular choice for men serves to display their appreciation of art or symbolize something meaningful in their life.

For a more complex design, consider getting several triangular-shaped Tattoos on your forearm or back of upper arm. This will add depth and dimension to the triangle tattoo.  Always beneficial when selecting any type of design!

For outdoor enthusiasts, a triangle tattoo featuring some type of landscape or scene is sure to please. This could include mountain peaks in the background.  Beaches, meadows or any other natural setting you may enjoy.

Floral designs also benefit from this triangle shape. Any type of botanical or plant design you can think of can be perfectly displayed inside its boundaries.

When considering a Tattoo design, the important step is finding an experienced artist. A poorly done triangle tattoo can look unattractive and amateurish.  Thus, finding a reliable professional will guarantee you get a professionally-crafted design.


Triangle tattoos are geometric designs.  This made up of many colors combined to form various patterns. Triangle tattoo can range from vibrant to dull.

Some people opt for a simplistic color scheme like black and white. Others may like for bolder hues which will be more noticeable.

Another way is by including a flower or plant inside the frame. This will give your design an organic and natural vibe!

In addition to flowers, you can incorporate other symbols or designs into your tattoo design. The triangle and Eye of Providence–a Christian symbol that reminds us that God sees everything we do–could both be included.

You could also choose a triangular tattoo with an infinity sign. These are creative ideas to help you create a unique tattoo.


The number three is significant in numerology. And can be symbolic of luck or good fortune. It possesses many positive attributes like creativity and optimism.

A triangle can also be used to represent the Holy Trinity. Which is the belief that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all one God. For religious Christians, this symbolism is especially significant as a reminder of their faith. And an effective way to express their beliefs in more permanent form.

Some cultures use the triangle to signify access to higher wisdom, such as Greek culture or Native American art. Feathers are also often featured in these Tattoos and can serve as powerful reminders of spiritual protection.


When choosing a triangle tattoo, there are several styles to choose from. Matching triangles, inverted triangles and double triangles all have symbolic meanings.  So make sure the one chosen fits best with your lifestyle.

Matching triangles represent the elements of earth and air.  An inverted triangle symbolizes femininity. Both styles can be etched as a single piece or you can opt for multiple matching triangles.

Another type of double triangle is a downward-pointing pair that symbolizes life and positive change. It’s common to see this style inked on women as it conveys a feminine energy.

When selecting a double triangle tattoo, it’s essential to select colors that flatter your skin tone. Red is often the most popular option.

These tattoos come in several variations. Tattoo with a smaller triangle inside of a larger one. This makes the design appear more realistic.

Have the design tattooed on your wrist or arm.  These locations are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin.  Try using a triangle that looks like an eye. This style is popular among other religions and may represent divine providence.

Christians can use this symbol to show their devotion to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – known as the trinity in Christian faith. Additionally, those with multiple deities may choose this option as a symbol representing them all.

In addition to religious themes, triangles can also symbolize time. The three points of a triangle represent the past, present and future – making it an excellent choice for those interested in time-themed designs.

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