Best Picture design Ideas – The Unashamed Tattoo Movement

The Unashamed Movement is a Christian tattoo movement that has grown in popularity in recent years. Many Christians feel like they have to hide their faith, but with the rise of Atheism, this trend isn’t going anywhere. It shows pride in your religion. And, with BJ Thompson’s 116 tattoo, you can do the same. As an ambassador of Christianity, BJ Thompson has no intention of denying his faith.

This tattoo features a shining cross, a sword, and a feather. Another design features a black and grey skull with a missing lower mandible. The wearer’s middle finger is inked with a large “YNWA” and an elaborate letter C. The upper part of the wearer’s fingers also features a skull and crossbones design. The inked words are “YNWA.”


This tattoo features a sword, a glowing cross, and an elaborate letter C. The middle finger has a representation of a skull and crossbones. The index finger has a black and gray skull missing the lower mandible. The knuckles are inked with “YNWA.” This design is also a mash-up of multiple images, including a cactus and a feather.


The ring finger features a large cactus, while the index finger has a face and a mask. The other two digits are covered by a knuckle with a single black arrow and a smiley face. A simple lotus flower is inked on the side of the middle finger in black ink. The ring finger also sports a small skull and a cross.


The index finger features a burgundy gemstone surrounded by an ornate black design. The ring finger is a lotus inspired design. On the knuckles, “Live Love” is inscribed in a black, gray, and white gradient font. Other details on the hand and arm are blood drops, yin-yang symbols, daggers, ants, and a lighthouse.


The ring finger is another place for an unashamed tattoo. The ring finger of the male wearer is adorned with a skull and crossbones. A pair of tattoo guns is inked on the knuckles. A flying bird is depicted on the left ring finger. The ring finger of the female is inked with a pink heart. There is no limit to the unashamed designs.


A bull elephant’s head is a popular tattoo. Its face is rendered in gray and black ink. The wearer’s index finger is another popular location for an unashamed tattoo. A goat skull is inked on the ring finger. A rosary on the index finger is another cool option. Inked on the ring finger, a red rosary is a popular way to show off your favorite animal.


The design of an AK-47 inked on the knuckles is a popular 116 tattoo. Its wearer has a lion’s face etched in brown and black ink. These pictures are usually accompanied by white accents. Typically, a 116-style tattoo is placed on the wrist or forearm. However, the placement of the image will depend on where it is viewed.


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